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Vendor Spotlight: Puro Juice Co.

Local, raw, organic cold-pressed juices

By Ella Nonni

Although the Farmers Market at Cornell has finished for the spring season, we’d like to share with you the story behind one of our newest vendors –Puro Juice Co.

Puro Juice was founded by José Colon in 2014. José and his wife Neisha met at Ithaca College, where José was studying Health and Physical Education. They moved to Boston in 2005, where José became a Health and Phys Ed teacher, but after eight years in Boston they returned to Ithaca. Neisha began a masters program in Real Estate Development at Cornell, and José began Puro Juice.

José was introduced to juicing through a required health and wellness course during his time at IC, and he has since become an advocate for the practice and its health benefits. His aim is to make it economically feasible for people from all walks of life to purchase raw and organic juice – even if profits are sacrificed. As José explains, “The greatest enjoyment I have is the gratification that I receive from people making a conscious health decision when they purchase my drinks, and knowing that it will make their lives better.”

The word “puro” (pronounced poo-rrr-ow) is Spanish for “pure,” which reflects the quality of José’s ingredients. José comments, “I strive for the upmost integrity in my products, so it is important that I use only the best local, raw and organic ingredients, with no proccessed additives or added water.” His produce comes from Remembrance Farm in Trumansberg, Stick and Stone Farm in Ithaca, and GreenStar Co-op. Current blends include (but are not limited to) carrot/orange/pineapple and kale/apple/lemon, as well as “ginger immunity shots.” At other times in the year, due to produce availability, you can find flavors like grapefruit & mint and wheatgrass shots.

There are many health benefits to consuming organic produce, however, as José’s business grows, he hopes to further his knowledge of nutrition and cold-press juicing, potentially by working with local doctors, nutritionists and other food/health experts “to develop products that have proven medicinal benefits.”

Puro Juice is currently a one-man operation, but José hopes to eventually expand to a retail level, ideally in Ithaca, where there is strong community appreciation for agriculture and healthy living.

Puro Juice will be returning to the Farmer’s Market at Cornell in the fall – beginning the last week in August. Until then find him at the Ithaca Farmers Market and the Oneida County Public Market!

Happy summer, and we look forward to seeing everyone again in the Fall!

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