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Vendor Spotlight: Fat Boy Bakery

Baking goods, not bombs, since 2007.

By Ella Nonni

Come check out Fat Boy Bakery! Founded in 2007 by Andrew Darcey-Martin, whose sole aim was baking rustic, hearty breads (and pastries) that people enjoy. Run mainly by Andrew, Melanie Munzer, who’s representing Fat Boy at the market today, and a few part-time bakers, Fat Boy has generated a strong following in Ithaca. Find them at market, and you’ll understand why.

The name “Fat Boy” reflects Andrew’s passion for anti-war activism, combining the two code names for the nuclear bombs that were dropped over Japan at the end of WWII – “Fat Man” and “Little Boy.” Modeling the popular 1960s anti-war slogan “Make Love Not War,” Fat Boy’s slogan for the bakery is “Make Bread Not Bombs.”

Fat Boy is known for their whole grain, 100% rye and ethnic breads, but their pastries are a favorite at the Farmer’s Market at Cornell. Today at market, Fat Boy has brought chocolate macaroons, butter croissants, Danishes, fresh baguettes, brioche, Melanie’s personal favorite – fruit stuffed scones, and the ever-popular bialys, which are available in the flavors tomato basil, eggplant parmesan, garlicky greens and ricotta/cheddar (pictured below). 

In keeping with the trend of small Ithaca businesses, Fat Boy Bakery makes a conscious effort to source as locally – and organically – as possible. Sourcing from Farmer Ground Flour, a local mill in Mecklenburg, NY (about 10 miles from Ithaca), and using in-season local fruits and vegetables in their bialys and pastries, Fat Boy Bakery shows their appreciation for the community by supporting their fellow farmers and artisans.

Interestingly, Fat Boy does not have a bakeshop - their retail space is solely at farmer’s markets. Says Melanie, “Andrew really enjoys the market season, and the retail space at the [Ithaca Farmers] market is a really good community – and we have a huge following. It’s our little niche, that seems to work really well for the bakery.”

You can find Fat Boy at the East Hill Plaza farmers market on Wednesdays (summer season through November), at the Ithaca Farmer’s market on Saturdays (year-round), and at the Farmers Market at Cornell, during the spring and fall semesters! You can also find their scones (including a bacon-cheddar scone, for the non-vegetarians) at GreenStar Co-Op, and if you’d like Fat Boy to bake for a special event (or you’d like to buy in bulk) you can place special orders!

Find Fat Boy today at market (on the Ag quad) and on their Facebook page – or email Andrew at!

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