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Vendor Spotlight: Scratchin' Batches Granola Co.

Check out the FM@C's latest, student-run vendor!

By Ella Nonni

Come to the Farmer’s Market at Cornell and check out Scratchin’ Batches Granola Co.! Founded a little over a month ago in March of 2015 by Katharine Constas, Alice Chou and Emily Ambrose, residents of the Triphammer Cooperative on North Campus, Scratchin’ Batches was born out of a love of granola – and making it with friends.

All their ingredients are organic, and most are locally sourced from GreenStar, as well as from local oat and syrup companies. For the items they cannot source locally (yet), such as coconut, nuts and dried fruits, they purchase from a wholesale organic distributor called UNFI, which supplies goods to organic food stores. They will, however, start making their own dried fruits, thanks to a new food dehydrator. They plan to incorporate local dried oranges, apples, and berries – once they’re in season.

Scratchin’ Batches is newly established, but sales have been taking off. They’re looking to expand, and start selling their products throughout the Ithaca area. They will soon start selling at a market in Trumansburg, and are hoping to tap into Manndible Café. Says original founder Emily Ambrose, “There’s another granola company that just started up, and they’re in Manndible at the moment, but they’re not organic, and we think it’s important to value ingredients that are not ridden with pesticides.”

A sampling of Scratchin' Batches flavors: Peanut Chocolate Delight, Lemon Cashew Sultana Surprise, Spiced Cranberry and Mint Chocolate Delight

In regards to ramping up production, Emily continues, “We’re definitely open to anyone who wants to come make granola with us, or just be our friends, bring any new skills… we’re just a bunch of people who like to have fun and make granola!”

Scratchin’ Batches is still evolving. They may be changing the company’s name, and they definitely plan to expand their flavor lines. They currently produce two main flavors– a citrus variety, with honey, ginger, cashews, coconut and some sort of dried fruit, and a chocolate variety, made with either peanut butter, coffee or mint (or a combination of the three). The espresso they use in their chocolate-coffee granola is from an organic coffee cooperative in Equador called “Rio Intag” which is supported by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Scratchin’ Batches will also be donating some of their proceeds to Triphammer Cooperative, which is raising money for prison inmates.

For discounts, you can buy granola in bulk (currently it’s $1 for a one-scoop bag, or $6 for a 1lb bag), or by bringing your own mason jar (50 cents off for own-container carriers).

“We’re really open to anybody who wants to know more, and check us out. We’re going to get a Facebook page soon, but in the meantime people can contact us at We’re really excited, and plan to come back to the Farmer’s Market in fall!”

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